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Echo and Kuro sharing some sweet, warm love in the bed! Arent they amazingly cute and smexy together like this! So lovely and peaceful! :iconmahfeelzplz:

I drew this some time ago for my sweetie ^^ I made the background myself this time! It is the same as my room, and the thing that looks like a camera according to someone
It is NOT A CAMERA is my strange-ass creepy modern movable light so i can read in my bed its kinda like a spotlight xD

I said I would give up, but actually, why the hell should I? Chrome-MMVII And me are happy together and I simply love him! Yeah you heard it right! I love him and I love him more then anyone! 
He is really important for me, and I really feel happy together with him! He always cares, understands and trust me! Why should I be stopped by one person for loving the person who makes me happy.
Together we are strong! Im not giving up! Yeah thats right! I am back! 

And whoever hates me for this can cry a whole ocean and grow mushrooms in their emo corner!
I had my down and defeated moment yes but im not gonna be stopped or pushed down anymore, whoever tries, I wish you luck cause it wont work 

I really hope ya guys like it, specially you my sweetheart! Love you more then anyone~ 

Echo the sexy lucario (c) :iconchrome-mmvii: 
Kuro and artwork (c) :iconkuro-no-yuki:
Lucario (c) nintendo
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April 1, 2014
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